Artwork with Carl Kohler

Addict Part Two ft. Cyhi The Prynce (artwork by Sabrina Hale)

Drink The Lemonade created a masterpiece mashup with the Swedish neo-Modernist painter, Carl Köhler, and the result is pretty darn spectacular. DTL turned one of Köhler’s prolific works into cover art for a song with Cyhi The Prynce and Canibus (you should remember Canibus from the LL beef). The design is approved by the Swedish estate of the late artist.

And speaking of Cyhi, it’s been two months now since we heard about the so-called album Kanye West promised the young Prynce via text message. Where dey at doe?!

“As producer Jonathan Hay prepares his upcoming The Urban Hitchcock LP, he releases new single ‘Addict (Part Two)’ featuring the legendary Canibus and Cyhi The Prynce. Frida Dee bring the uplifting singing parts to the Jonathan Hay and Ajami produced song.”
 Check out the other compilation with Kohler, a mixtape by Jonathan Hay and DJ Whoo Kid called “Mountain Biking Through Louisville”:
Mountain Biking Through Louisville (artwork by Sabrina Hale)