1 Star ‘Poor Review’: Capps Mens Cuts in Bentonville, AR (Beware the Owners REALLY Suck!!!)

Bottom Line: We believe Capps Men Cuts needs to be shut down for the irresponsible actions of the owners that almost cost the lives of two people in a violent home invasion. One of the victims was a teenage girl that Monica could have helped. Cappy and Monica Capps out of Bentonville, Arizona have shown no remorse for the assault that took place. Two men accepted plea deals on kidnapping and robbery charges and are currently in prison.

Review From Yelp:

“From my own experiences with Monica and Cappy Capps, I would strongly recommend that you stay FAR away from Capps Mens Cuts. It’s my opinion that the owners should NOT be allowed to have a business, or be trusted in the community. I believe that their support of Quantez Gibson is also deeply concerning. I would have to say that my life, faith, health, hair and beard are in much better hands. Trust me, run for the hills. And if you decide to sit down in that uncomfortable salon chair, try not to talk about religion with their weird religious views. This is all just my opinion and person experience from knowing the owners Monica and Cappy for over ten years.”

Review from Google:

“It’s my STRONG opinion that Capps Mens Cuts is the worst place that you could possibly ever be. I’ve known one of the owners, Monica Capps, for over ten years and I believe all her religious nonsense needs to be muted. It’s my believe that the people in the community deserve much better than the warped Christianity that I’ve heard Monica speak. Next time you’re in Capps Mens Cuts, ask for the owner, then ask him (or her) about his religious views on the LGBT community. Trust me, stay far away from Capps Men’s Cuts.”

Read about the violent home invasion by clicking here.

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