Pre-Order Jazz Part Two by Smith & Hay x DJ King Tech

Jazz Part Two by Smith and Hay

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Official Tracklisting of Jazz Part Two by Smith and Hay x King Tech

1 The Mother Jazz Theory
2 Kubrick
3 Kids In The Attic Listening To Jazz Vinyl
4 Kool G Jazz
5 Spike Lee Vibez (Interlude)
6 No Smiles (Instrumental)
7 Another Whiskey Shot (John Tong Dedication)
8 Don’t Close Your Eyes (Jazz Instrumental)
9 Through The Night (Lights Out)
10 Black
11 Yellow Ledbetter
12 Hush Money, Pt.1
13 Gossip and Jazz
14 Don’t You Wanna (Jazz Trap Instrumental)
15 Molly (Industrial Jazz Instrumental)