Iliana Eve on Billboard with Kxng Crooked

Billboard premiered the new single “Too Ashamed” by Eminem’s artist Kxng Crooked of Slaughterhouse that also features the singing of Iliana Eve and Mike Smith from Sway Calloway and BET’s TV show ‘One Shot’. The production of the song was handled by a team of people that includes Jonathan Hay, King Graint and Shachar Boussani.

Read the powerful story about “Too Ashamed” on Billboard where you can also exclusively stream the song –


Iliana Eve and Drink The Lemonade feature story in Entrepreneur Magazine

Iliana Eve Magazine Drink The Lemonade
Iliana Eve in Entrepreneur Magazine

Iliana Eve has a major feature story in Entrepreneur Magazine. Read about it here or click link below.

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“Many of life’s big decisions are prompted by a burning desire to fight a problem or right a wrong. This is how most big businesses were born and it’s just the same for Iliana Eve, 14, who started her own record label, Drink The Lemonade, to raise awareness about child abuse.

Owning a record label, or any business for that matter is a serious undertaking. And for Iliana, she has it even tougher given that she’s been a victim of child abuse herself. Now she hopes she’s able to help other victims of child abuse who may not have the support of influential people like her father, Jonathan Hay, a famed celebrity publicist and Kemar McGregor — a top reggae producer.” – From Entrepreneur Magazine

Iliana Eve Entrepreneur Magazine Story

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Celebrated Urban Designer Cey Adams with Jonathan Hay

Cey Adams

Cey Adams is one of the most influential people in hip-hop design. He co-founded his own creative agency called The Drawing Board. Cey Adams has done artwork for people such as The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls, Def Jam Records and many more.

Cey Adams designed the artwork for record producer Jonathan Hay for the “Dude Looks A Superstar” cover. If you are interested in purchasing the are original Dude artwork by Adams (20 X 20 inches, handmade fiber paper, acrylic, magazines, and stamps on canvas), email This original is a great investment and will continue to raise in value.
Source:  Yahoo Music

Jonathan Hay with his original Cey Adams piece

Jonathan Hay Publicity New York

Jonathan Hay Cey Adams

Cey Adams (Drink The Lemonade)